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NASA planned to construct houses in the orbit of the Moon!
Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir Environmental Science

NASA planned to construct houses in the orbit of the Moon!

NASA planned to construct houses in the orbit of the Moon!

By Adnan Tazvir

Houses will build in the Moon’s orbit.  The U.S. space agency NASA gave such shocking news. Northrop Grumman, a U.S. defense equipment maker, has won NASA’s bid for the project. NASA has signed a US$ 935 million deal with them.

It says, Astronauts can be rest and refresh at these houses, including will complete necessary studies or experimental observers.  However, when will this construction work begins, yet not known.

In the past, China announced that they would build houses at the Moon’s South Pole with only one aim so that Astronauts can get shelter while traveling in space. The research work will also be more manageable over there. They aimed to start this work by 2030. While in the meantime, NASA came out with this great news.

U.S. Space Agency informed that under this plan landing on the Moon would be easier. Moreover, it can provide scientific investigations and researches also. NASA planned it thinking for the benefit of Astronauts in the future. It is not easy to build houses in the Moon’s orbit.

So, in NASA’s Artemis Project, i.e. the aim of the U.S. space adventure to move forward with the help of the non-government organizations, several number renowned and influential NGOs participate in the bid.  However, among those NGOs, Northrop Grumman has made the bid.

Nowadays, NASA’s ‘Artemis Project’ became popular and active. International well-known and popular organizations like SpaceX, Northrop, Virgin Galactic engage in producing high technological equipment contested neck to neck of that bid, such as successful bidder  Northrop Grumman is experienced in making military equipment.

This  USA multinational non-government organization produces fighter jets, such as the F-20 . This time NASA gave them the responsibility to build houses in the orbit of the Moon. Northrop Grumman will not make a temporary home but a permanent one.  They are ready for the implementation of the project at the cost of US 935 million dollars.

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