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students on the street on the issue of climate movement
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Students on the street on the issue of climate movement

Students on the street on the issue of climate movement

Students protested in support of global action to protect children and youth from climate change.

Many young climate activists from schools, colleges, and universities joined the Friday for Future global movement to demand climate justice.

The global climate protest of 2018, led by 15-year-old Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, is now spreading worldwide. Being one of the countries affected by climate change, the young students of Bangladesh have also joined this social movement.

Students from various educational institutions gathered in front of the National Press Club in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to form a human chain, demanding climate justice. In the placards, they highlighted the natural disasters happening around the world, including Bangladesh due to climate change.

They say that this program is being held all over the world. This time our main theme is Climate Justice Now. Bangladesh is seventh in the world in terms of damage. And the amount of damage is increasing day by day.

All in all, it is an injustice to the people, nature and environment of Bangladesh. At the rally organized by Youth Net for Climate Justice, young activists demanded a sustainable plan for renewable energy.

These young climate change activists say that developed countries should reduce their fossil fuels. Let them move towards renewable energy. And apart from this we have to pay compensation.

Placards and banners showed the harmful effects of climate change and the importance of renewable energy.

Participants are asking for compensation for climate change and support to build climate-friendly infrastructure in poor countries like Bangladesh.

They also want awareness campaigns, rehabilitation for affected communities, and the promises made by rich countries to be fulfilled. Foreign climate activists also expressed solidarity with the students in this program.

The United Nations has already announced a red alert for global humanity due to the impact of climate change disaster. The United Nations is urging countries that emit the most carbon to take responsibility for their fossil fuel activities and switch to renewable energy.

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