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barrister suman, a parliament member of bangladesh, wants to work to protect the environment
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Barrister Suman, a Parliament Member of Bangladesh, wants to work to protect the environment

Barrister Suman, a Parliament Member of Bangladesh, wants to work to protect the environment

Lawyer Syed Sayedul Haque Sumon, an honorable MP of Bangladesh National Parliment, who is well-known in the country, wants to take care of the environment in his area along with his efforts in uplifting society.

He made this statement in a video posted on his Facebook page titled ‘If we can’t protect the environment, it will be challenging to save humanity.’

The video message was recorded by Suman from in front of his residence in Chunarughat, Habiganj District.

At this time, he distributed two saplings to the children of’Suman Football Academy’ established by himself.

Suman wants to take responsibility for the environment in her area, as well as educate people. If the environment is not good, then the mentality of the people slowly deteriorates. It becomes more difficult to humanize people.

Barrister Sumon said that he bought 250 saplings for distribution among the members of the football academy for 50 thousand takas. It was financed by his university friend, Canadian expatriate businessman Naima Najara Rahman.

Suman said, ‘I want to add one thing to the process that has started to make the boys in the front of my area. It is not only necessary to build people, but also to maintain the environment of our own area.

It is also said from the side of Islam. Even if you are sure that you will not live again, you will plant a tree on the earth the day before you die.’

“We’ve got almost all the people from the academy together today, and there are people outside the academy as well. We have decided to plant many trees in our Upazilas popular lawyer said,

‘It is difficult to raise a child, just as it is difficult to grow a tree. I entrust my academy boys to plant trees in their area as they grow up.

Finally, he thanked his expatriate friend in Canada for giving 50,000 rupees to buy the tree and expressed his gratitude.

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