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three challenges must face protecting the environment center for policy dialogue, bangladesh
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Three challenges must face protecting the environment: Center for Policy Dialogue, Bangladesh

Three challenges must face protecting the environment: Center for Policy Dialogue, Bangladesh


According to the Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD), a non-governmental research institute, there are three major challenges in protecting Bangladesh’s environment.

These are removal of tanneries from Hazaribagh, decontamination of Buriganga River , and taking action against housing-built encroaching on water bodies and canals of Dhaka city.

CPD also believes that proper political leadership, adequate policy formulation, and proper implementation of resources are necessary to face these challenges.

Economist Professor Rehman Sobhan, Chairman of the Organization, said all this in the annual lecture titled ‘Climate Adaptable Development: Real or Unreal?’, organized by CPD at the Westin Hotel in the capital.

Professor Rehman Sobhan further said, “We are seeing another drama about moving the tannery from Hazaribagh. Tanneries are polluting the environment by dumping their waste.

We are unable to replace them yet. We have been talking about the decontamination of the Buriganga River for the last 30 years. However, the pollution did not stop, still happening.

Dealing with climate change is a much more significant challenge. If the rich countries of the world do not give money to the climate fund, there is a question of whether Bangladesh will be able to meet these challenges with its financing.”

” Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has shown much courage in the construction of the Padma Bridge. Although the World Bank withdrew from financing, Sheikh Hasina started work by allocating money from Bangladesh’s budget. She has been able to meet this challenge,” he added.

At the event, Simon Maxwell, the Executive Head of the UK-based organization Climate and Development Knowledge Network, said, “What has been achieved at the Paris conference is a great achievement.

Success will require the right political leadership. Because many times it is seen, that many good things cannot see the face of success due to a lack of proper political leadership. At the same time, the issue of wealth is also important. In this case, private investors should involve.”

He also said, “The big problem of climate problem for Bangladesh is environmental pollution. In this case, countries like Bangladesh will be under pressure to get foreign money. Because if they want money for environmental pollution, the financiers can say it is not a climate problem.”

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