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the adverse effects of climate change are increasing the intensity of rainfall floods and droughts
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The adverse effects of climate change are increasing the intensity of rainfall-floods and droughts

The adverse effects of climate change are increasing the intensity of rainfall-floods and droughts


The world is facing extreme floods, flash floods, droughts, and wildfires. Scientists say much of this is due to climate change.

A research report published in the journal ” Environmental Research: Climate ” highlights how climate change has contributed to various natural disasters over the past two decades. Researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden have conducted the study.

The relationship between climate and severe natural disasters is known as ‘attribution science.’ Scientists have devised hundreds of such ‘attributions’ for their research.

Ben Clark, an environmental scientist who co-authored the study, said,’ Almost all the droughts around the world have intensified due to climate change and have appeared in more significant numbers.’

Traditionally, the risk of heartburn has almost tripled. In addition, the temperature is rising by about 1 degree Celsius due to climate change.

The World Weather Attribution (WMA) says temperatures in India and Pakistan were at 50 degrees Celsius in April. And climate change increased the risk of depression by 30 times.

This year, extreme levels of flood danger have been observed in China and Bangladesh. Scientists say excessive flooding and rainfall are increasing due to the humidity.

The storm is getting very ‘heavy’ before the clouds break. However, the effect varies from region to region. The study also found that there is not enough rainfall in many areas.

Although the level of cyclones has not increased globally due to climate change, the intensity has increased. Researchers have found evidence in this regard. In many cases, they say, these are stagnant on the ground and rain heavily in single areas.

The role of climate change in drought is also known. The study says climate change directly links to drought in East Africa. Before reaching the Horn of Africa, the warm waters of the Indian Ocean are causing clouds to fall into the sea.

Meanwhile, a separate study says that the temperature between India and Pakistan will increase. Every year there will be more burns than usual.

This will create a food crisis, increase the number of deaths and reduce the number of refugees. Inflammation will increase, and half a billion people will suffer every year.

However, according to the Paris Agreement, if the temperature rise rate keeps below 2 degrees Celsius in this century, those things will not happen.

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