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the amount of methane gas in the worlds atmosphere is increasing
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The amount of methane gas in the world’s atmosphere is increasing

The amount of methane gas in the world’s atmosphere is increasing


The amount of Green gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane, etc., is increasing in the world’s atmosphere, and the world is gradually getting warmer. In this regard, every country in the world has agreed to control the process of warming based on scientific studies.

Already 1.2 degrees Celsius temperature has risen and could rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030, which might reach 2 degrees Celsius by 2050. This temperature has been said to increase since the beginning of industrialization.

Apparently, 1.5 or 2 degrees Celsius is a small number. However, if it increases only this much, there will be a significant change in the circulation of the world’s atmosphere. Already we are noticing that the seasons are changing.

When it rains, i.e., during the rainy season, the rainfall is much less than usual. It is raining more than average, well before the monsoon season.

In some years, the rainy season is prolonged, and it rains in autumn. It is being caused an adverse effect on crops. The incidence of floods is increasing, along with the incidence of drought.

Due to these reasons, food shortages may occur in different countries of the world in the future. At the same time, heavy rain occurs for a short period. It causes severe flooding. The sea level is rising.

The height of tidal water is increasing. As a result, there is a risk of submergence in low-lying coastal areas and the increasing salinity in coastal areas.

The frequency and magnitude of cyclones and floods may increase. That is, low-lying islands and low-lying coastal areas will not be habitable.

In 1992, an international law to control global warming had finalized, and all countries pledged to abide by it. Bangladesh also commits to keeping pace with the world.

The world is trying to move forward with seven major issues.

First, mitigating emissions of gases responsible for global warming. The developed world has to fulfill this responsibility since they are the main emitters. Bangladesh produces very little gas. These gases mainly produce by factories, vehicles, power plants, and agriculture.

We need to generate more electricity to grow economically and create employment opportunities through development and industrialization.

However, if we focus on renewable energy generation and take cost-effective measures in electricity consumption, it is possible to mitigate gas emissions to some extent. Bangladesh has already pledged to reduce gas emissions by 5 percent by 2030. Many ministries should be active in this work.

The second topic of discussion at the global level is building the capacity to deal with the adverse effects of global warming and climate change.

Bangladesh is one of the major countries affected by climate change. Therefore, it is essential to acquire competence in the work of adaptation.

A national master plan has been prepared for this work. The appropriate role of every Bangladeshi governmental ministry is desirable in this work.

The third issue in global action on climate change is financing. For this purpose, the countries of the developed world have accepted the responsibility of providing money.

That is, the main polluting countries have this responsibility. They supposed to provide 100 billion dollars every year as per Paris Agreement. A pledge of $70 billion has been met till now.

The amount of money is enormous, but it is a complex distribution process. We must be more proactive and efficient and adhere to global rules for using money in this global financialization process.

All the ministries of Bangladesh should come forward in this work as well. We need to review how successful we are in getting money and where our progress could be better.

The other three are skill acquisition, technology acquisition, and transparency or accountability in various activities. The world is ready to help in all these three tasks, but how effective we are in accepting their help should be calculated.

The seventh issue is setting global targets for adaptation and mitigation. In 2015, the world set a target of limiting global temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius in the 21st century through the Paris Agreement.

Bangladesh feels that this target should bring down to 1.5 degrees. Bangladesh should set adaptation targets considering each adverse effect of climate change.

Each country in the world can set adaptation targets for its own government based on its location, and then a global target can be set by combining the targets of all countries.

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