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the environment of bangladesh in the face of extreme disaster
Bangladesh Environment Pollution Environmental Problems

The Environment of Bangladesh in the Face of extreme disaster

The Environment of Bangladesh in the Face of extreme disaster

Our environment is almost destroyed due to various elements that adversely affect the environment.

As the days go by, more and more impact is on our nature. The environment is disturbed today due to various pressures. It also includes multiple types of environment-destroying materials in our hands, such as plastic, polythene, water-absorbing foreign species of environment-destroying trees, carbon-emitting multifaceted projects, black smoke from cars, and other materials.

And in all this, non-biodegradable materials, such as various types of plastic products and polythene, play a unique role in causing environmental damage. Scientists believe that no matter how these plastics and polyethylene are processed, they do not decompose quickly.

If this material falls underground, decomposing there will take 450 to 500 years. If this is the case, then these polythene and plastic wastes are destroying the natural layer of the soil, even if it goes underground.

Our environment, wildlife, and public health are now facing a dire threat due to the terrible pollution of polythene and plastic waste. Bangladesh’s name is emerging in the global initiative on climate change.

In addition to Bangladesh’s climate change risk, there discussed issues such as energy management, air, water, and environmental pollution. It also discussed the harmful aspects of polythene waste in various ways.

Several initiatives in waste management have been heard, in addition to changing laws to reduce the use of polythene across the country, including Dhaka. Still, we didn’t see any benefit in reality. Even if there is a law, it is useless as there is no effective initiative for adequately implementing it.

The Department of Environment banned the manufacture, import, marketing, sale, storage, and distribution of all types of polythene shopping bags subject to conditions in 2002. But in reality, it is the opposite. What happens when there is a law on paper but not implemented in practice is what happened in the Polythene and Plastic Code of Use Act.

Everyone seems to have forgotten that polythene is banned. None of the manufacturers, importers, or seller-buyers follow the law regarding polythene shopping bags. The law enforcement authorities are not bothered about this.

According to the Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) (Bapa) estimates, around two crore polythene bags are accumulated daily in Dhaka alone. Plastic waste other than polythene is also a severe threat to the environment.

According to government estimates, 24 thousand tons of plastic waste generates daily in the country. Worryingly, people involved in plastic waste management have extreme weaknesses.

Although a target of 50 percent plastic recycling by 2025, it set as part of the national master plan to curb plastic pollution, the amount of plastic recycling in 2020 was only 0.3 million tonnes, about 20 percent of the total consumption.

According to the World Bank report, more than half of the 1.49 million tons of plastic products produced during this period were used in the wrapping and packaging sector. Especially the terrible invasion of polythene is putting our overall environment and ecosystem management at extreme risk.

Dhaka city has already ranked among the world’s most unlivable cities. Experts believe that the excessive and uncontrolled use of polythene and plastic products is mainly responsible. If we observe, we will see that every alley, drain, drain, canal, and the fallen water body of Dhaka city blockd with plastic bottles and polythene.

And there everything, including water, is getting polluted. And in the polluted water of that closed reservoir, various diseases like malaria, filaria, cholera, and typhoid, along with dengue-carrying Aedes mosquitoes, are born. Due to this, the environment is almost on the verge of destruction. And so, if we are not aware now, then we have to fall into the great catastrophe of the universe.

Pointing the thumb at the law, various polythene and plastic factories are mindlessly producing and marketing. Where there is no law enforcement, even though it was banned by law twenty years ago, its implementation is not visible. In the beginning, enforced the law strictly enforced.

Due to this, stopped the use of polythene shopping bags. After that, the use of polythene increased due to the laxity of law enforcement agencies. Factories are continuously producing and marketing polythene. Polythene shopping bag in the human hand. But none of this is noticed by the authorities.

Paper or jute bags, which replaced polythene, are on the way to extinction. The government is shutting down jute factories. Due to which this, plastic factories are booming business.

No matter what we say, if we can’t stop this terrible environment-damaging product, we can’t protect ourselves and leave a beautiful fabulous green world for future generations.

So it is necessary to stop the use of banned polythene now strictly. Everyone concerned should bring under the law, from its production to the user. It should sea the Polythene l. Illegal polythene factories

The use of paper or jute should increase as an alternative to polythene. Jute mills may save if stopped the use of polythene s. All concerned, including the Department of Environment, should be stricter in assessing and controlling the accuracy of the import and production of polyethylene and plastic raw materials.

Increasing the capacity and efficiency of the people concerned with plastic waste management is essential. Along with reducing the use of polythene, should take adequate steps to improve overall waste management, including recycling and recycling. Only then can we leave a safe habitat for future generations.

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