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11:04 pm | February 27, 2024
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The exhibition to raise awareness development about recycling of plastic is on display in the capital of Dhaka.

The exhibition to raise awareness development about recycling of plastic is on display in the capital of Dhaka.

There is a boat about 71 feet long at BTCL playground in Banani. The whole boat is made with bottles of soft drinks. At the back of the boat is a pile of huge bottles. And in front of the boat, there is a write-up, ‘Decorate our country as our home, if I and you do Bangladesh will be clean.’

The scene was spotted last Tuesday at the BTCL playground in Banani, Dhaka. An exhibition of discarded plastic bottles is on display in the field on the occasion of Victory Day. An exhibition that is being organized by an organization called BD Clean.

From November 10 to December 10, 2019, around 18,000 members of BD Clean collected these 30 lac bottles. In this regard, Chanda Mandal, the coordinator of the Dhaka South of the organization, said, “Our Bangladesh is acquired by the blood of 30 lac martyrs. This is a small effort in our respect for them. We cannot pollute the soil where there is the blood of the martyrs.”

Not just huge boats on the field, but there are four more boards sitting on the ground. Where one is a portrait of Bangabandhu, the other is the face of a Royal Bengal Tiger. On one side there is a memorial, and on the other, there is a map of Bangladesh. Which is made with different bottles and caps of bottles. There are various toys, jewelry, home decor made by bottles on the display. Cultural events and awareness programs are also going on. According to the data, the exhibition will run until December 20.

In one corner of the field, the boys and girls of the organization are making a variety of other things with bottles. Where most of Bangladesh or something special in Bangladesh is being highlighted. It appears there is a foreigner sitting with them. Whose name is Lucy Hess. She works with the children. It turns out Lucy has sat on the sidewalk to cut the bottles with the street children. Lucy Hess said, ‘It’s nice coming here.’

The large pillars and domes are being built with many bottles next to Lucy. With which more will be made on Wednesday. Rajiv Islam, a member of the organization, said, “The main aim of the exhibition is to make everyone aware. Many people think how much more damage is done to my one thrown bottle, but a lot of garbage is being filled with one or two bottles. We want to show how large the size is,”

he said. He said that recycling of plastic bottles will not only keep the balance of the environment, they are also a resource. Companies that produce plastic bottled beverages and food, making them aware is the special aim of the exhibition.

The exhibition is scheduled to end on 20/12/2019.

Source: Prothom Alo.

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