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the four leading indicators of climate change refer to the danger
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The four leading indicators of climate change refer to the danger

The four leading indicators of climate change refer to the danger


The four significant indicators of climate change reached record highs in 2021. The United Nations has confirmed the news. The Worlds Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the global energy crisis is wreaking havoc on humanity.

Last year, the concentration of greenhouse gases, sea-level rise, ocean heat, and ocean acidity set new records.

The United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has highlighted these issues in its report titled ‘Global Climate Situation in 2021.’

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the UN, said, “The global energy process is not moving in the right direction, pushing us towards a climate catastrophe. We must put an end to the pollution of fossil fuels. We must increase the transfer speed to renewable energy to save our only habitat.’’

The report confirms that the last seven years are the hottest seven years on record. The beginning and end of 2021 have seen two ‘La Niña.’ Global temperatures also had a chilling effect.

However, the year was still one of the warmest on record. Last year the global temperature was about 1.11 degrees Celsius higher than in the pre-industrial revolution era. The goal is to keep it within one and a half degrees.

Petri Talas, Head of the WMO, said, “Our climate is changing before our eyes.”

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