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the presence of microplastics in the water of bay bengal near coxs bazar threatening the marine ecosystem
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The presence of Microplastics in the water of Bay Bengal near Cox’s Bazar threatening the marine ecosystem

The presence of Microplastics in the water of Bay Bengal near Cox’s Bazar threatening the marine ecosystem

Microplastics had found in seabed soil, surface water, and sea fish at Cox’s Bazar sea beach in Bangladesh.

This picture emerged in the Bangladesh Oceanographic Research Institute (BORI) study. The government-funded research organization recently presented this report in a seminar in Dhaka with relevant experts.

BORI collected samples of sea surface water, fish, and sea bottom (sediment) soil from 12 locations along Cox’s Bazar coast. Analysis of the collected sediment, water, and fish gastrointestinal tract and gill samples found the presence of 293 microplastic particles.

Of these, 1 to 12 microplastics per kg of seabed sediment had found per kg. Zero to 1 microplastic particle had seen in every cubic meter of water.

However, the least amount of plastic has found in marine fish. Analysis of 62 fish samples from 10 species found 11 microplastic particles.

Sultan Al Nahian, Scientific Officer of Bangladesh Oceanographic Research Institute, led the research. He said,

“We collect samples from 12 spots and disinfect them with 30 percent hydrogen peroxide. Then we separate the microplastics from the organic materials—comparatively, the amount of microplastic found on Cox’s Bazar coast is lower. ”

The concern is that this plastic enters the soil, water, and fish. Microplastics in sea surface water, sediment, and fish samples will also severely threaten the local marine ecosystem.

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