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floating farming in agriculture is beneficial for public health and the environment
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Floating farming in agriculture is beneficial for public health and the environment

Floating farming in agriculture is beneficial for public health and the environment

Climate change, increasing population inflation and using agricultural land for unplanned development negatively impact agriculture. Food security is under increasing pressure.

Globally, advanced preparedness is becoming a priority to deal with this pressure. In this case, Bangladesh’s risk is higher because Bangladesh is one of the countries at high risk from the effects of climate change.

The traditional floating farming system of the southern region may lead to sustainable adaptation to this situation. If this method can extend to Haor and disaster-prone areas, it can contribute to the agricultural economy and reduce food security risks.

According to the World Food Organization (FAO) 2020 report, around 690 million people worldwide are hungry; this number apprehensions to exceed 840 million by 2030.

Climate change affects the entire food system by affecting soil fertility, rainfall patterns, crop yield and production, nutrients, and nutrient bioavailability. These changes reduce macro- and micronutrients in the global food supply.

Agricultural scientists say that the continuous rise in sea level due to climate change has led to the threat of inundation of agricultural land shortly.

In this case, the floating stage cropping system in the southern region can add a new dimension to ensuring food security. Local farmers are the inventors of this method.

In this method, crop production is possible throughout the year. Floating farming benefits public health and the environment by not using pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

For this, floating agriculture can lead to sustainable adaptation if it takes appropriate initiatives, modernization, and expansion steps.

Bangladesh’s floating vegetable farming has already been globally recognized as a traditional farming method. FAO gave this recognition in 2015.

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