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3:56 pm | April 22, 2024
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the rivers around dhaka have turned into polluted sewers ‍
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The rivers around Dhaka have turned into polluted sewers ‍

The rivers around Dhaka have turned into polluted sewers

Environmentalists have complained that rivers around Dhaka have been turned into polluted sewers in the name of conservation. They complained that those responsible for encroaching on and polluting the river are not being evicted or punished, even though their names are known.

At the program held at Gabtali Landing Station Ghat in Dhaka on March 19, 2024, speakers voiced several complaints. This program was organized by the joint initiative of 15 organizations.

Mujibur Rahman Howladar, former chairman of the National River Protection Commission, Bangladesh, stated that even though there is a list of people who are occupying and polluting rivers, they are not being removed or punished. Ask those who are seeking votes in the upcoming days about their plans for Turag-Buriganga.’

Sharif Jamil, member secretary of Dharitri Raksha Amara (DARA) alleged that Dhaka’s rivers have been turned into polluted sewers in the name of conservation. In the chair’s speech, he said that the encroachment of the river in the Turag River basin has become serious. At present, the water of the rivers is black and smelly.

Sharif Jamil said that all people who are connected to the river should take responsible actions to protect the river, not just today, but every day.

Raoman Smita, President of the GLTS Leadership Platform, stated that there is a lack of willingness to solve the problem, even though we are aware of both the problem and the solution. The older generation has failed to deliver a sustainable Bangladesh. The young generation must come forward to protect the river and save their lives.

However, the youth should not be limited to holding discussions and days. They have to take the leadership, take the responsibility of protecting the river and the country.

Besides Dharitri Raksha Amara (DARA), other organizations involved in the event were Buriganga Riverkeeper, Amin Bazar Ghat Sramik Union, Banalta Women’s Development Organization, Environmental Research and Development Alternatives, Global Thinkers Society, Safe Development Foundation, Organization for Climate Resilience and Environmental Conservation, Voyage of the Old Brahmaputra River, River Bengal, and Waterkeepers Bangladesh.

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