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the sanctuary of guest birds in barishal (bangladesh) are at threat
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The sanctuary of guest birds in Barishal (Bangladesh) are at threat

The sanctuary of guest birds in Barishal (Bangladesh) are at threat


The flocks of guest birds begin to stay in warmer regions rather than cold territory to defend themselves from the terrible cold of winter.

In continuation of this, more birds were roaming on the eastern side of Bibirpukur bank of Barisal city this year than in previous years. The bird sanctuary on the east bank of Bibirpukur, one of the most visited places by migratory birds in Barisal city, is now under threat for various causes.

Once upon a time, Migratory birds might have found this place as a safe zone and built their sanctuary amid the city. However, as the city continues to develop, the birds start to leave the area as they no longer find it safe.

The construction of high-rise buildings and their decoration with metal halide lights, the sound of hydraulic horns and mics during traffics, occasional fireworks, and their extra toxic fumes are all responsible for the insecurity of the birds.

Subrata Biswas Das, Assistant Commissioner and Executive Magistrate (Confidential Branch / Education and Welfare) of Barishal, said, “The main reason for the decline of guest birds is the lack of public awareness.”

“Birds hunters are also unaware of its harmful effects. According to the Wildlife Conservation and Security Act-2012, bird hunting, killing, capturing, buying, and selling are criminal offenses.

If anyone does so, he will get a punishment of two years imprisonment and a fine of two lakh Taka,” he continued.

 “However, we can make everyone aware of these things from our position. A little love and awareness for the guest birds can make our country a safe sanctuary for the guest birds. There is no alternative rather than working together in this regard,” he added.

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