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the success of cop 28 depends on three things, un secretary general
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The success of COP-28 depends on three things: UN Secretary-General

The success of COP-28 depends on three things: UN Secretary-General

António Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General drew the attention of world leaders saying that the success of the COP-28th session in solving the climate crisis depends on 3 factors. He mentioned these issues in his speech at the Climate Conference COP-28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Referring to the crisis caused by climate change, Antonio Guterres said, ‘A few days ago I was on the melting ice of Antarctica. I was also in the melting glaciers of Nepal.

These two spots are far apart but united in crisis. The polar ice caps and glaciers are gradually disappearing before our eyes, causing disasters around the world, landslides and floods.’

Terming the issues as a danger signal, he further said, ‘Only the effective action of the world leaders can get rid of this danger.

At this time, the UN Secretary-General emphasized three issues to make the COP conference a success. These are –

  •  First, drastically reduce emissions.
  •  Second, reducing the use of fossil fuels and increasing the use of renewable fuels.
  • Third, not responsible for carbon emissions, but ensuring funding commitments to countries affected by climate change.

He added that developed countries must demonstrate how they will double their commitment to adaptation financing to $40 billion a year by 2025. It will even clarify how they will deliver the $100 billion as promised.

Commenting on the need for leadership, cooperation, and political will to avert the climate crisis, António Guterres said, “Our world is unequal and divided.”

“We see conflict causing immense suffering and intense emotions. In addition, climate chaos is fueling the flames of injustice,” he added.

Emphasizing the need for renewable energy to save the world, he said, “It’s good for our planet, our health, and our economy.”

“Because it will clean our air, meet the world’s growing energy needs, and connect millions of people to affordable electricity. It will bring stability and security to the market,” he continued and said.

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