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the whole of europe is under extreme climate disaster
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The whole of Europe is under extreme climate disaster

The whole of Europe is under extreme climate disaster

Slovenia, Austria, and Croatia are currently experiencing extreme weather. Nearly two-thirds of the country’s population has been affected by devastating floods in Slovenia.

Efforts are being made to bring the situation under control through international relief assistance.

 The country has not seen such a disaster since independence in 1991. Prime Minister Robert Golub said the damage had exceeded 50 million euros.

However, he expressed satisfaction with the support of organizations and countries like the European Union, NATO, and the United States in this challenging situation.

Germany is sending two prefabricated bridges to Slovenia and two special earth-digging machines to France.

Several parts of Croatia are still underwater. A state of emergency has been declared in various parts of the country. However, water levels in Slovenia, Croatia, and Austria dropped as the weather improved somewhat.

Rainfall also eased slightly in the Czech Republic, but there was a risk of flooding in neighboring Slovakia due to heavy rain recently.

Several homes in Poland were left without power due to heavy rain over the weekend. The German Meteorological Department has predicted heavy storms on the Baltic Sea coast.

As a result, ferry services to two islands north of Germany have been suspended Due to the storm named ‘Hans’. Sweden and Norway are also affected by heavy rains.

There was damage and many service disruptions in those two countries. Many homes in Estonia and Latvia were left without power.

Despite storms and flooding in central and northern Europe, a heat wave continues in much of the south. This is the fourth such heatwave in Spain this season. The risk of forest fires has also increased.

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