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The world is gradually becoming uninhabitable
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The world is gradually becoming uninhabitable

The world is gradually becoming uninhabitable


‘You have to die at birth.’ this quote does not only apply to human life or the living world. The blue planet we live on will not last forever too.

David Holz, the Former scientist of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), claims that the Earth will destroy in another 1 billion years. But if the Earth’s orbit can enlarge, then it will be possible to increase the life of the Earth at least five times.

In support of his statement, Holz cited on a NASA research paper. The paper, written by professors and researchers at the University of California and Michigan, is titled ” Astronomical Engineering: A Strategy for Modifying Planetary Orbits.” That is the way to change the orbit of a planet.

What exactly do Holz claims? According to him, within 100 billion years from today, the Sun will become so hot that the Earth will gradually heat up. As a result, people will become gradually extinct from the Earth.

He also said that there is a way out of this situation. He suggests that it is possible to increase the Earth’s orbit little by collecting energy from Jupiter.

This process has to repeat every 6,000 years. Then the Earth will not be able to come close to the Sun in any way. Moreover, our planet will be liable for human beings and the living world.

However, how can energy extract from Jupiter? The whereabouts are in the research paper. This process can only do if an asteroid force to pass between Earth and Jupiter.

According to Holz, the Sun has reached middle age. The scenario will change in the coming days, as the Sun grows older. The world will become uninhabitable over time. The way out of that peril, according to Hall.

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