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the worlds giant iceberg will disappear entirely soon
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The world’s giant iceberg will disappear entirely soon

The world’s giant iceberg will disappear entirely soon

In May 2021, Iceberg A-76 recognizes as the world’s giant iceberg when it broke off from the western part of the Roane Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

It later evolved into three volumes: A-76A, A-76-B, and A-76C. The remaining giant iceberg of these three fragments is the A-76A iceberg. This iceberg is 135 km long and 26 km wide. This is almost twice the total area of London.

This massive iceberg has been drifting slowly around Antarctica for the past year. However, now its melting rate is much faster than before, scientists said. They fear that it will disappear completely soon.

Image taken by NASA’s Terra (satellite) on October 31 shows the iceberg at the mouth of the Drake Passage connecting the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. However, the iceberg is currently visible near Elephant Island and the South Orkney Islands.

The last image has taken by NASA’s NASA Earth Observatory on November 4. Based on this, scientists are predicting that it will move further north. Scientists believe the iceberg will melt entirely as the northern ocean waters warm.

Since breaking off from the Antarctic Peninsula in 2021, the iceberg has traveled about 1,250 miles (2,000 km). During this entire journey, the ice melting was insignificant.

Nevertheless, now its melting rate is much higher than before. Moreover, that is why the huge iceberg is on the way to extinction. Scientists cannot guarantee how long it can survive, especially if it swallows in the north.

In the past few years, one after another, the ice shelf breakup in Antarctica has caused concern in the minds of researchers. According to experts,

One thing is clear from the ongoing melting of the polar ice caps, the efforts to combat global warming are not enough. If the ice layer of the polar region cannot save from melting, human existence will endanger in the future.

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