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There killed more than two hundred people in last year who are trying to protect the environment
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More than two hundred people died last year while trying to protect the environment

More than two hundred people died last year while trying to protect the environment


About 227 people lost their lives last year while trying to protect the environment. According to a new report by Global Witness, these peoples have lost their lives trying to

protect forests, water, and other natural resources. Published the news on Monday (September 13) by the US media CNN.

Global Witness, a global environmental and human rights watchdog, has collected and analyzed data worldwide. Their analysis found that an average of more than four people dies each week trying to protect the environment. The organization revealed a record number of environmental workers who died in 2020.

Among all countries, Latin American countries have the highest death rates—the most affected country in that region in Colombia. At least 75 people died there. Mexico is in second place. One-third of forest rangers have lost their lives while preventing deforestation. Smugglers also

killed many people. In the Philippines, meanwhile, 29 people have died trying to stop tree selling.

According to the Global Times, of People who died in 2020 to protect the environment, more than half died in the Philippines, Mexico, and Colombia. It recorded in 2013 the lowest death toll in recent years when 92 people lost their lives to save the environment.

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