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4:53 pm | August 1, 2021
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Brazilian government takes Steps To protect the Amazon
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To protect the Amazon – The Brazilian government takes Steps

To protect the Amazon – The Brazilian government takes Steps

Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir (class VIII – English version,
Motijheel Ideal school and college, Dhaka)

Amazon provides 20 percentage of the oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere. This forest is absorbing 200 million metric tons of carbon dioxide a year. The Brazilian government has reported that 1,202 square kilometres of forest have already been destroyed in the current year.

Last year, a vast part of the Amazon forest was burned to ashes by a devastating fire. The lungs of the earth were burning. The fire burned many animals, birds and plants.

The whole world was worried about the Amazon situation. People from all over the world were also critical of the Brazilian government.

The Brazilian government has taken a unique initiative to protect the Amazon rain forest. Vice President of Brazil Hamilton Mourão said that the army is being deployed to protect Amazon before the current year’s fire season comes.

He said the army will help prevent illegal environmental destruction. He also said that Non-Governmental Organizations will be asked to protect vast forests the Amazon.

Brazilian Defence Minister Fernando Azevedo e Silva said the army is building operational bases in three cities in the Amazon. He said 3600 troops will be deployed to fight against all plots of deforestation including illegal timber smuggling. Initially, it will cost 13.2 million.

Many say that if the initiative was taken at the right time last year, the fire could have prevented and the damage of vast forests can be protected.

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