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today is world biodiversity day 2022
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Today is World Biodiversity Day-2022

Today is World Biodiversity Day-2022


Today, Sunday (May 22), International Day for Biological Diversity or Biodiversity. This year’s theme is “Building a shared future for all life.”

The day was set for December 29, 1993, to raise awareness about biodiversity. However, when many countries of the world stopped celebrating this day, May 22, 2002, was re-determined by the UN General Assembly. Since then, this day has been celebrated globally on May 22 each year.

Initially, May 22, 1992, was recognized as International Day by the Convention on Biodiversity in Nairobi, Kenya. Bangladesh is one of the ratifiers of the Convention.

An international document called the Biodiversity Convention was finalized in 1992 at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) initiative to preserve biodiversity and ensure its sustainable and equitable use in global concerns over the significant depletion of the world’s biodiversity due to indiscriminate human activities. There are currently 195 signatories to the treaty.

The most important source of material and services for human beings is the genes, species, and ecosystems of different living things on Earth.

The world’s biodiversity is invaluable in various genetic, social, economic, scientific, educational, cultural, recreational, and aesthetic aspects.

The importance of biodiversity in the evolution of life and the evolution of life on Earth is immense. The conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity are vital to meeting the world’s growing population’s food, medicine, and other needs.

However, how human beings continue to work tirelessly towards biodiversity is threatening to wipe out 20-25% of the world’s animals and plants by 2025.

Therefore, the call for International Biodiversity Day is to call for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

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