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today is world tiger day 22
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Today is World Tiger Day-22

Today is World Tiger Day-22


“World Tiger Day’ observes on July 29 every year to protect the tiger’s natural habitat and create awareness among the general public for tiger conservation.

The day started in 2010 with the Tiger Adoption held in St. Petersburg. Although the day observes worldwide, 13 countries observe the day more prominently. The density of tigers is high in these countries.

In 2010, at the first tiger conference in St. Petersburg, 13 countries, including Bangladesh, set a target of doubling the number of tigers in their respective countries within 12 years. In this, Nepal has doubled the number of tigers. India and Bhutan also took close to double. However, the number of tigers in Bangladesh has increased slightly, but it is far from that goal.

The number of tigers in the Sundarbans region of Bangladesh has increased from 106 to 114 in the last four years. In other words, eight tigers have increased in four years.

According to the forest department’s sources, another tiger census will be after 2018. However, there may not be any foreign experts in the census this time.

According to the information from the Forest Department, there were 350 tigers in the Sundarbans in the 1975 survey after independence. Then in 1982, a survey of 425 and two years later, in 1984, a survey of 110 square kilometers of Sundarbans South Wildlife Sanctuary reported 430 to 450 tigers.

In 1992, the forest department reported the presence of 359 tigers. The following year in 1993, Dhan Bahadur Tamang reported that there were 362 tigers in the 350 square kilometer area of ​​the Sundarbans by pugmark surveying.

In the survey of 2004, the number of tigers was 440. In 1996-97 tiger numbers were reported to be 350 to 400. At that time, tiger footprints counted.

In the 2015 survey, the number of tigers in the Sundarbans decreased at an alarming rate to 106. When the number of tigers in Sundarbans suddenly fell from 400 to 106, there was an uproar worldwide. In the latest tiger census, the number of tigers in Sundarbans increased from 106 to 114.

According to the United Nations, tigers are under threat due to poachers and tiger habitat damage in Sundarbans. The sea level is increasing along with climate change and global warming.

In this situation, the Royal Bengal Tiger of Sundarbans can lose. In 2070, there will be no suitable habitat for tigers in Bangladesh. Experts say significant changes, including a steady temperature rise, are enough to wipe out the few hundred tigers that survive in the Sundarbans.

Md. Abu Saleh, Assistant Conservator of Forests (ACF) of Sundarban Khulna Range, said, “The current government has taken various steps to increase the number of tigers.

The Sundarbans have been freed from bandits. The benefits of which are visible. The number of tigers has increased in the last three years. “

He further hopes that the number of tigers in the Sundarbans will increase daily as the forest department is working on tiger protection.

Dr. Abu Naser Mohsin Hossain, Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of Sundarban West Division. “The size of Bangladesh part of World Heritage site Sundarbans is 6 thousand 17 square kilometers.

The number of Royal Bengal Tigers in the Sundarbans has increased in the latest survey as forest bandits have surrendered and poachers have returned to everyday life.

More than half of the entire Sundarbans area has already been declared a protected forest for the free movement of tigers, including breeding. Patrol posts have increased. Besides, modern technology-based smart pre-trawling has been introduced to stop poachers’ activities.’’

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