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due to climate change, there is no rain in bangladesh, even though the monsoon season continues
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Due to climate change, there is no rain in Bangladesh, even though the monsoon season continues

Due to climate change, there is no rain in Bangladesh, even though the monsoon season continues


Even though the rainy season continues in the seasonal cycle of this subcontinent, there is no rain in Bangladesh. Although there are two to four drops of rain at times, there is no torrential rain in the Jessore region. People are severely suffering from the scorching heat.

In this rainy season’s drought, farmers’ crops also burst. According to statistics, the amount of rainfall this year is less than one-fourth compared to last year.

Instead of rain, intense dry heat is pouring down in nature. In addition to disrupting public life, Aman farmers are also in trouble. There recorded 108 mm of rainfall in the Jashore District of Bangladesh, in one and a half months, from June 1 to July 15 of this year.

Whereas last year, 457 mm of rainfall has recorded in 15 days of the same period. This year’s rainfall is less than one-fourth compared to the previous year.

According to the data, last year (2021), in June, the amount of rainfall in Jashore was 360 mm. This year in June, the rain was only 64 mm. Last year in July, the rainfall was 339 mm. However, in the first fortnight, rainfall was recorded at 93 mm. This year, on July 15, the rain was 44 mm.

The maximum temperature is hovering around 35 degrees Celsius during these rainless days. Jessore recorded the highest temperature of 35 degrees Celsius on Friday (July 15).

The maximum temperature on Thursday was 34.8 degrees Celsius, and on Wednesday, the maximum temperature has recorded at 35.2 degrees Celsius.

On the one hand, there is no rain; on the other hand, the heat disrupted people’s lives. In the heat of summer, the mercury in the temperature barometer hovers around 40 degrees. However, the amount of moisture in the air is relatively minor.

Now the temperature is around 35 degrees Celsius, but the humidity is high and further increases the severity of the heat. Humidity was 77 percent at 6 p.m. last Sunday; At noon, it was 60 percent. In summer, the humidity is usually below 50 percent during the day.

Dr. Saibur Rahman Molar, Professor of the Department of Environmental Science and Technology and Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology of Jashore University, said,

“Due to global climate change, the environment is becoming unbalanced. Now winter feels less cold, and summer brings excessive heat. It does not rain in the monsoon. “

Dr. Saibur Rahman thinks the ozone level is decreasing mainly due to excessive carbon emissions. The sun’s ultraviolet rays trap the ozone layer.

Now, this ray is coming through the ozone layer to the earth. As a result, environmental disaster is happening along with the increasing temperature. This environmental situation is the impact of global climate change. Moreover, we are its victims.

“Globally, it is possible to overcome this situation by reducing Chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs) gas, carbon emissions, and using environment-friendly materials,” said the environmentalist.

Meanwhile, the working people are suffering due to the heat. Lokman Mia, a van driver in the railway station area of ​​the city, said, ‘It is complicated to bring goods in summer. I start sweating in no time. My body is getting tired. I have never seen the rainy season becoming such hot.”

Aman paddy farmers are also in trouble. Due to the lack of rainfall, doubts have also arisen among them about Aman cultivation. Some have created seedbeds with irrigation.

Shamim Hossain, a farmer in the Chanchra area, said, “There was no profit in Boro cultivation. To compensate for the loss, I have made Aman’s seed bed with irrigation.

Even though the planting time is approaching, the field cannot prepare due to lack of rain. If Aman is to cultivate with irrigation, the burden of losses will increase.”

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