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two thousand environmental workers were killed in the last decade
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Two thousand environmental workers were killed in the last decade

Two thousand environmental workers were killed in the last decade

Between 2012 and 2022, 1,910 environmental workers were killed in the last decade. Eighty-eight percent of them are from Latin America.

Global Witness, an international non-governmental organization, stated in a September 29, 2030 report. The agency released the statistics of environmentalists killed before the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP-28) in the United Arab Emirates next November.

The report found Colombia the most dangerous country in the world for environmental activists and killed sixty workers there last year.

Latin America alone accounted for 88 percent of all deaths. Other alarming countries in the region include Brazil, Mexico, and Honduras. 34, 31, and 14 people were killed there, respectively.

The study also said that 117 environmental activists were killed worldwide last year. Studies have shown that indigenous peoples worldwide are experiencing a high rate of lethal attacks. Only five percent of the world’s population, but a third or 34 percent of it is a victim of homicide.

While indigenous communities have an essential contribution to the climate crisis, these groups remain marginalized and marginalized in countries such as Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela.

Laura Furones, a senior adviser at the NGO Land and Environmental Defenders Campaign, said organizations based in the US, UK, and the European Union support gold mining and logging that threaten communities deep in the Amazon rainforest.

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