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using low quality pesticides in bangladesh causes terrible impacts on farmers health and damages the environment
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Using low-quality pesticides in Bangladesh causes terrible impacts on farmers’ health and damages the environment

Using low-quality pesticides in Bangladesh causes terrible impacts on farmers’ health and damages the environment


In Hossainpur Upazila of Kishoreganj, farmers use pesticides indiscriminately on agricultural fields. As a result, thousands of farmers are getting sick. The environment is also getting damaged. As a result, crop production is decreasing.

Even the widespread use of pesticides is increasing resistance to pests. Besides, most farmers think the environment is becoming toxic, and soil fertility is decreasing gradually.

According to local agricultural office sources, crop poisoning started in 1956 using only three pesticide companies. More than two hundred trade drugs sell legally in the country.

Besides Dithiothreitol (DTT), other pesticides by various companies selling in the market. Illegal pesticide use has increased as proper regulations are not followed in import and marketing.

Local experts said that the lifespan of all those pesticides is 20 years. As a result, the widespread use of these pesticides can damage people’s brains, hearts, kidneys, and livers. Many species of birds and fish have already become extinct.

Parvez, a vegetable farmer of Kurimara village of Shahedal Union, said that he uses various pesticides every day to control the pests of beans and brinjal. They spray the vegetable fields 8-10 times per season.

In this regard, Imrul Kayes, Upazila Agriculture Officer, said, ”On average, 70 liters of pesticides apply in the Upazila every day. Farmers are at serious risk.”

However, he also commented that the agriculture department officials have been giving advice and support to the farmers to increase their use and awareness.

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