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Venus became an indication of the existence of life on the planet
Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir Environmental Science

Venus became an indication of the existence of life on the planet

Venus became an indication of the existence of life on the planet

Adnan Mahfuz

Venus is the closest neighbor planet to the Earth. In other words, scientists have found traces of the possible presence of life on Venus. Although no direct evidence of life’s existence has yet been found, an element has been found in the planet’s atmosphere that gives a clear indication of whether or not.

That element is phosphine, the primary source of which in nature is bacteria or microbes. It is one of the most toxic gases in the world; it smells like rotten fish. The amount of phosphine detected in Venus’s atmosphere may be the only explanation scientists say for life. They call it ‘biosignature,’ meaning the signature of life.

The amount of phosphine is one thing that scientists pay attention to when looking for alien life. If the scientists’ idea came true, then aliens can be found in the solar system.

The surface of Venus is warm and acidic, meaning it has an excess of acid. As a result, it isn’t easy to develop life in the soil. However, in the clouds about 35 miles above the surface, the environment is somewhat favorable. And phosphine was found there. However, the clouds there are so acidic that the phosphine must be destroyed quickly.

However, the discovery of phosphine gas there means that something is continually being produced. That is why scientists think it is proof of the existence of life.

An international research team led by Cardiff University led by Jane Greaves revealed the findings in an article in Nature Astronomy on Monday.

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