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Wahid Sardar is now in Dhaka after visiting seven districts to relieve the pain of nailing trees
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Wahid Sardar is now in Dhaka after visiting seven districts to relieve the pain of nailing trees

Wahid Sardar is now in Dhaka after visiting seven districts to relieve the pain of nailing trees

Amila Khan

গাছেদের পেরেকের যন্ত্রণা থেকে মুক্তি দিতে ৭ জেলা ঘুরে ওয়াহিদ সরদার এখন ঢাকায়

We all know that “a tree has life, a tree hurts when it is nailed,” but do we feel it from the heart? Does the suffering of the tree move us? But from this feeling, Wahid Sardar is now in Dhaka from far away from Jashore District.

From the beginning, Wahid Sardar started removing nails from the trees on the side of the highway in Jashore District. He then removed about four hundred and fifty kilograms of nails from about ten thousand trees in the last two and a half years from trees in seven districts, including Jhenaidah. Now Abdul Wahid Sardar has come to Dhaka.

In 2018, the BBC reported on Wahid Sardar’s nail-picking, and since then, people’s attitudes towards his work have changed, and he too has been inspired by it. Although at first, everyone thought he was crazy, somewhere people became angry with him.

From big commercial establishments to political party propaganda, everything is removed from the tree. As a result, he received death threats. Of course, many have extended a helping hand. Some have even made arrangements to stay overnight in unfamiliar places.

Abdul Wahid Sardar came to the capital Dhaka on a bicycle from Jashore District as if the red-green color on the farmer’s hat became a living symbol of Bangladesh.

Why is he in Dhaka? What is his plan?

He is carrying a sack and a grubber-shaped iron rod tied to a bicycle’s back to pick up nails from trees in the capital. He picks up the nails planted in the tree with an iron rod and puts them in a sack, and wants to remind them that the tree also has a soul and it also has a feeling of pain.

Wahid Sardar is a mason by profession. “The trees are his children,” he said, “so his mind is always on the trees.” He started planting trees in his district in 2006. He has done this for twelve years. But then he thought that there was a need to find a solution to the problem of people putting nails on posters and banners in the streets.

So he came out with a bicycle in April 2018. In Jashore District, then in 7 districts including Jhenaidah, Khulna has visited in these two and a half years. He has collected a total of 450 kg of nails.
Wahid Sardar believes that one day people will be aware. In this way, iron nails will not be allowed to be buried in the trees’ body.

So Wahid Sardar is putting all the nails in front of that day’s people to highlight this time’s horrible reality. This collection will become a museum on that day. Wahid said he would continue the fight as long as his body is strong. He will explain to the people that the trees also get pain.

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