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We are seeing a significant change in the attitude of the United States to Bangladesh

We are seeing a significant change in the attitude of the United States to Bangladesh

We are seeing a significant change in the attitude of the United States to Bangladesh–The Foreign Secretary of Bangladesh.

By Adnan Tazvir

When asked about the US administration’s stance on climate change, the Bangladeshi foreign secretary said, “We see a significant difference in the attitude of the United States to Bangladesh.

Donald Trump walked out with the announcement of the Paris Agreement. He distanced himself from all such discussions.

However, after Joe Biden took office, the United States’ position has turned to the opposite.
In general, the United States has always relied on multilateral cooperation in the international process. That is where he sees the United States back.

Several Bangladeshi diplomats told this correspondent last Wednesday that John Kerry’s visit to Dhaka, Bangladesh, in particular, could raise several issues, mainly related to climate change adaptation.

For example, in September 2020, a Climate Adaptation Centre of South Asia, established in Bangladesh. Bangladesh seeks US assistance in the financing of the Centre. During John Kerry’s visit to Dhaka, Bangladesh discussed US assistance funded by the Centre.

The United States is talking about raising 100 billion USD worldwide to address the risks of climate change. Bangladesh wants the allocation of funds to be halved in both risk management and adaptation. Also, Bangladesh may seek US assistance in the Climate Trust Fund set up by the Government of Bangladesh.

In November this year, Bangladesh wants to hold a joint event with the United States at the 26th Climate Summit to be held in Glasgow, UK.

According to diplomatic sources, Bangladesh raised the issue during John Kerry’s visit to Dhaka. Besides, Bangladesh sought technical assistance in waste management, solar aid and renewable energy from the United States.

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