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Webinar on Implementation of GivingTuesday in Bangladesh, Challenges and Prospects
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Webinar on Implementation of GivingTuesday in Bangladesh: Challenges and Prospects

Webinar on Implementation of GivingTuesday in Bangladesh: Challenges and Prospects

A webinar organized by the Organization for Disabled Improvement and Rights, Bangladesh (ODIR BD) titled ‘Implementation of GivingTuesday in Bangladesh: Challenges and Prospects’ has held on January 2, 2023. Renowned professors, industrialists, Deputy Secretaries and administrative officers of the Bangladesh Government, engineers, lawyers, environmentalists, development experts, social workers, and professionals spoke in the online webinar. Regarding this a press release was issued by ODIR BD.

  The Webinar organizer ” ODIR BD, Moghbazar, Dhaka,” is an NGO working on the rights, health, and education of disabled people.

Mr. Shakil Azad Manon, founder Secretary and convener of Giving Tuesday Bangladesh served as the leading host of the event where Imtiaz Sultan and Md. Mikail Ahmed, two volunteers of the organization, served as co-hosts. Chairman Kohinoor Azad Mouli presided over the event.

The Green Page, an Environmental and Climate Change, was the program’s media partner, and Aid OrphAns (Working on the rights of orphans) served as technical support of the social organization.

Webinar on Implementation of GivingTuesday in Bangladesh, Challenges and Prospects

In the webinar, Mr. Saleh Azad, a renowned mastermind English Medium School teacher, gave an important speech on preventing student dropout.

Mr. Dr. Shamsul Alam Suhrawardy, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Reputed Luitpariya College, Barpeta District, Assam State, India, delivered and exchanged in the webinar.

When asked about the importance of humane behavior and changing the social attitude towards the disabled, he gave a valuable speech.

All those present at the event were mesmerized and listened to his speech. He expressed hope that Bangladesh and India will work together to improve the quality of life of the underprivileged and disabled.

Persons with disabilities subject to various neglect and discrimination in the social, family, and state spheres. Furthermore, they do not get due respect and protection in the workplace. Their security is compromised. Their health protection is also not promising.

We have to think about whether disabled people are lagging or we are keeping them back. People with disabilities should also retain in the workplace. Care should take so that they do not fall.

Mr. Mohammad Arfanul Haque Bhuiya, Administrative officer of the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) of the Government of Bangladesh, spoke about this.

He was asked to know about the safety and health protection of underprivileged and disabled people. He made a vital speech in this regard. He said that as it is crucial to get employment for disabled people, it is also essential to maintain a good working environment.

Webinar on Implementation of GivingTuesday in Bangladesh, Challenges and Prospects

If they cannot adapt to the environment, they will drop again. He also said that despite relatively good results in the recently published primary assistant teacher recruitment examination, disabled persons had been deprived of posts due to quota disparity. He appealed to the government to ensure the proper recruitment of disabled persons.

We all know that many times disabled children are born due to various complications in the mother’s womb. Due to different human-made accidents and activities, some healthy people also are disabled. Engr. Md. Mahfuzur Rahman, Superintending Engineer of Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB), an Environmentalist, has been successfully working in various organizations dedicated to the environmental protection movement for a long time addressed in the webinar.

He made an important speech, gave necessary directions to prevent human-made impairment, and how can reduce the disability rate.

The number of disabled people is increasing day by day. The issue is worrying everyone, but there is no immediate solution.

Webinar on Implementation of GivingTuesday in Bangladesh, Challenges and Prospects

Mr. Arfan Sharif, leader of the Autism Support Association of Bangladesh and International Representative of UN member of Economic and Social Affairs, spoke about why climate change is also gaining importance at the discussion table of policymakers. Still, no effective steps have been taken yet.

Employment generation is one of the significant challenges for youth and the youth population. Despite significant economic growth in recent years, Bangladesh has yet to solve this problem successfully.

Does the government have any separate plans to employ underprivileged and disabled unemployed youth? What does the government think about them? When asked about this, the special guest of the webinar, former Deputy Secretary of the Bangladesh Government, Psychologist, Speech Language Pathologist, and Urban Planner Mr. Tapan Kumar Nath, gave an important speech. In the closing speech, he assured me to work with all the institutions and people from all walks of life.

Writer: Md. Mikail Ahmed

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