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What should the ecologically sound society look like
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What should the ecologically sound society look like?

What should the ecologically sound society look like?

By Adnan Tazvira

Today’s human society, state system, has made science and technology stand in opposition to the environment – as if progress and nature are opposite to each other. As an inevitable result of this, mountains, rivers, canals, forests have depleted, and urbanization and mills, machinery, and modern civilization materials have developed.

Every day the number of people is increasing, happiness and comfort are growing – as a result, the natural resources are declining one by one. The reason for this is the current social and state system and overall environmental unawareness.

The natural imbalances caused by the indiscriminate misuse of natural resources make it increasingly unsuitable for animals to live in different parts of the world – affecting humans. As a result, some people are making an incomplete effort to save nature.

Various tree planting programs, trees, rivers, canals, and hills organize to save the forest. Now the state system is also making some efforts to protect the Jungles, Rivers, ponds, channels, etc. But in everything, there is imperfection and chaos.

Since the social system and the state system are not run based on pro-environmental philosophy, nothing is happening – the environment is becoming more and more endangered every day.

An eco-friendly society will create an eco-friendly state system in the future – one that does not pit technology the science against the environment. Progress here is not an obstacle to a healthy balanced environment.

As the number of people increases day by day, so does their well-being, so the amount and quality of natural resources must increase to balance the changed situation – but the opposite is true in today’s society and state.

An example to clarify the matter: Suppose a new city has to be built, or the city’s population has increased, and their demand has increased – then the present state system makes new roads, highways, schools, colleges, various institutions.

As they progress, so do natural resources – such as plenty of oxygen and adequate water sources. That means more plants, rivers, and reservoirs, But the present state system is destroying new vegetation, roads, schools, colleges, institutions, trees, forests, and rivers.

What will the environmental society do? Hopefully, they will not, but they will use technology to build more modern housing, roads, institutions, and plants to grow rivers and canals as they progress.

Innovate and use new technologies to increase the density of trees in forests, to improve the water holding capacity of river channel reservoirs – to create more rich natural hot spots in less space.

This means that the use of technology in development will lead to the growth and modernization of housing, roads, institutions, and the protection of the natural environment; change will be identified.

That is, an eco-friendly social system will use science and technology appropriately. In an eco-friendly world, technology will not sit on the opposite side of nature – a healthy world balanced by the combination of nature and technology will be established – the true nature of progress will be established.


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