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The sight of the flock of white Egrets is a delight to the eye
Natural Environment Sadia Noor Portia

The sight of the flock of white Egrets is a delight to the eye

The sight of the flock of white Egrets is a delight to the eye

By Sadia Noor Portia (8th semester – English Department,
Independent University, Bangladesh)

There is no one around. There is no one to enjoy the natural environment. Nature has shaped itself in its own way during the Corona epidemic. The birds of the forest are chirping and flying from tree to tree, singing in the joy of the mind.

The scene of the guest bird sitting on the branch of the tree can be remembered. From where the guest birds flew and sat across. Although it is seen in winter in our country. Many of the people living in the city dream of these white Egrets. One such scenario is seen in the Kalashi-Baunia canal in Mirpur, Besides Dhaka Metropolitan City.

A flock of white Egrets is now seen on the Kalshi-Baunia canal in Mirpur. It reminds the poem of Bengali Noble Laurent Rabindranath Tagore “There is a palm tree, there is our village. There, lives an Egret.” In fact, such a scene cannot be forgotten.

Many people may have read this poem as a child. People used to read poems then, but when they grew up then that scene comes in front of the eyes, then they think of this poem.

The whole world is in lockdown due to the coronavirus epidemic. People are now living at home. And with that opportunity, Nature is playing its own game. Since there are no people in the various tourist centers, the animals and biodiversity there are going as they wish.

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