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Sunflowers are enhancing the beauty of Rajshahi city, Bangladesh
Natural Environment Sadia Noor Portia

Sunflowers are enhancing the beauty of Rajshahi city, Bangladesh

Sunflowers are enhancing the beauty of Rajshahi city, Bangladesh

By Sadia Noor Portia (8th semester – English Department,
Independent University, Bangladesh)

Almost everyone likes to walk in a natural environment. And because there is a natural environment, people can enjoy the natural beauty with joy in their mind. People take different steps to keep the environment beautiful. Our environment is beautiful which means we are also beautiful.

Living in a bad environment is not good for civilized people. Bangladesh is now in a strong position to protect the natural environment. It is announced that no development is allowed by destructing the natural environment. People of different professions are also working to create a natural environment. Attempts to decorate the country’s cities are being continued. One such city is Rajshahi City.

Different kinds of flowering plants are being planted in the city. The flowering plants are filled with flowers. But this time different types of flowers are being seen in Rajshahi city. The divider from the city’s C&B junction to Courtbazar is now filled with sunflowers.

Flowering plants are being planted in this city for a long time but the sunflower! It is surprising because this is the first time, sunflower has been planted. There is no hesitation to say, however, that the monotony of human beings has ended because of cultivating sunflowers.

The city environment is always monotonous. How much more the same scene during going to office waking up from sleep? The sunflower is expected to catch the eye of the people of the city this time. But now there is a great lack of people to see these sunflowers.

People are now living inside the house due to the coronavirus epidemic. The number of people on the streets is very low. Those who are coming out now have no time to see the flowers.

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