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Killing of Dolphins in Halda River

A Committee To Prevent the Killing of Dolphins and Biodiversity in Halda River

To Prevent the Killing of Dolphins and Biodiversity in Halda River – Bangladesh Hon’ble High Court Formed A Committee

All tourist centers in the country are closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Many miscreants are taking advantage of the lockdown to harm biodiversity, including damaging the natural environment.

Just a few days ago, the dolphins were seen playing in the Halda river again. In the meantime, there has been happening a horrifying killing of dolphins. A writ has also filed in the Honorable High court regarding the killing of dolphins in Halda River.

After hearing the Writ, the court has formed a committee comprising the representatives of concerned Government departments, local authority, and public representatives to prevent slaughtering dolphins and conserve the environment, biodiversity including all kinds of mother fishes in Halda River.

The court said the members of Parliament of the Halda River constitutions would serve as advisors to the committee. The Deputy Commissioner of the Chattogram will lead the committee.

The single-member bench of Justice Obaidul Hasan passed the order during a virtual hearing on Tuesday (May 19, 2020). It is the first order from any virtual bench of the High Court.

On May 11, a Supreme Court lawyer filed that Writ seeking directions to take necessary steps to prevent the killing of dolphins in the Halda River to protect the environment and biodiversity. The next day, the High Court gave an interim order on the hearing in virtual appearance.

The court also ordered to take essential steps to stop haunting and killing dolphins. At the same time, the defendants are ordered to inform by e-mail within 72 hours of the action taken to prevent dolphin hunting or killing.

The matter was assigned for May 19. According to the High Court, Director of Department of Environment and Deputy Commissioner of Chattogram prepared the report and submitted it to the court. The order was provided on hearing.

Deputy Attorney General Amit Talukder participated in the hearing of the virtual court. And, Supreme Court lawyer Abdul Qaium Liton filed the Writ on May 11. Referring to the formation of a committee called Preventing the Killing of Dolphins in Halda River, Natural Environment, Biodiversity, and all kinds of Mother Fish Protection Committee,’ the court said that the MPs from the Halda Riverside would serve as advisors to the committee.

The committee will operate the necessary task according to their advice. Deputy Commissioner of Chattogram will be the Chairman of the committee.

This committee will include representatives from Superintendent of Police, Naval Police, Coast Guard, Department of Environment, District Fisheries Officer, Water Development Board, and Marine Science and Fisheries faculty of the University of Chittagong.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Hathazari, Fotikchory, Boalkhali, Raozan, Ramgarh, and Manikchari Upazila, two Researcher on the Halda, two NGO representatives and Chairmen of riparian Upazilas selected by Deputy Commissioner will also be included in the committee.

Chattagram Divisional Forest Officer (Wildlife Management and Environment Conservation Department) will be the committee’s Member Secretary. The court has set a date for the next order on May 28.

After the Writ filed, lawyer M. Abdul Qaium Liton said,

” A total of 24 dolphins had already died in the Halda River after the COVID 19 lockdown started. Off 24 dolphins, most of them are killed by the miscreants whose name was come in the news media, referred to many researchers of the Halda.”

He added, ” As because to save the endangered dolphins and the biodiversity of Halda river, the Writ was filed. “

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