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a discussion meeting was held at dhaka to raise awareness to prevent river pollution
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A discussion meeting was held at Dhaka to raise awareness to prevent river pollution

A discussion meeting was held at Dhaka to raise awareness to prevent river pollution

The eighth rivers of Bangladesh talk, titled ‘River Centered Life and Livelihood,’ has been held to raise awareness among people to prevent river pollution.

The event was held on the banks of the Turag River at Kaundia in Mirpur, Dhaka. Waterkeepers Bangladesh organizes the River Talk.

Sharif Jamil, Head of Waterkeepers Bangladesh Consortium, said, “If the river remains unprotected, our country will remain unprotected too. River pollution must prevent, and river-based livelihoods must restore.

It is necessary to take the opinion of the riverside people to implement the development plan adopted to protect the river. Because they are victims, they can give proper advice to protect the river.

Regarding riverine life and livelihood, Mohammad Ejaz, Chairman of the River and Delta Research Center (RDRC), said,

“One of the services of urbanization is to ensure the supply of fish, which is mainly done by fishing communities.”

However, fishermen remain unemployed for eight months a year because there are no fish in the river due to pollution. Protecting river-based life and livelihood is possible by involving the fishermen’s community in the development plan and discussing their institutional structure.”

Md. Monir Hossain, Chairman of Bangladesh River Foundation, said, ‘People’s livelihood is losing due to river pollution, life is under threat.

By creating an effective partnership between the relevant ministries and mariners’ organizations, it will be possible to protect the river from pollution. The right of the people over the river should ensure by taking coordinated initiatives.”

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