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billions of tons of ice melt in antarctica every year
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Billions of tons of ice melt in Antarctica every year

Billions of tons of ice melt in Antarctica every year

At least 7,800 million tons of ice are melting in the Denman Glacier in Antarctica every year. Recently, this information has been revealed from a study by the National Science Agency of Australia.

Ms Esmee Van Wijk, a Senior Researcher at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), said,

”Denman Glacier is at risk of shifting unsteadily. This glacier is located in the world’s deepest canyon at the eastern end of Antarctica.

The researchers hypothesized that the rate of ice melting in West Antarctica would be much slower than at the eastern end of the continent. `

However, the scientists’ assumption has proved wrong because the seawater in that region is quite warm, and the ice is melting much faster.

Meanwhile, due to global warming, in 2016, researchers saw cracks in Antarctica’s 965 square kilometers of glaciers. According to a 2020 report, about 532 billion tons of ice have melted from Greenland in a year.

In 2019, a three-kilometer ice shelf broke off in Greenland. The water was 40 percent higher than usual. The situation there turned dire as the ice caps started to melt.

The equivalent of 6 Olympic water swimming pools falls into the sea every second. It has been seen that the amount of water is increasing by about 3 million tons every day.

By observing the amount of ice melting in Greenland, Britain’s “University of Lincoln” reported in a study, “Due to the melting of the Greenland ice sheet, the world’s sea level will rise by 10-12 centimeters by 2100.”

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