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there is a lack of accurate data on climate change
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There is a lack of accurate data on climate change

There is a lack of accurate data on climate change

Their needs are lack of accurate data on climate change in Bangladesh. Experts believe that regional efforts should make to fill this deficiency.

GIZ, a German organization, organized a seminar to discuss the importance of data for sustainable development, which attends by various government officials, researchers, and experts.

Hasna Jasimuddin Moudud, a Representative of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, said, “Water flows from the mountains and falls into the sea. Data requires for its proper use.”

Stating that data needs for planning, he further said, “Earlier, we did not get advance information about floods, but now it is available. We all need to work together to manage water resources.

If we try to control the river, it will be counterproductive. That is why we need to focus on regional river management. There are many successful examples of this.”

Fida A Khan, Executive of the Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS), said,

“Studies should conduct regionally to collect data. Not only that, a joint portal should create to share this information with everyone.”

He further said the data that should collect following a standard to be acceptable to everyone.

Sudeep Pradhan of the Kathmandu-based “International Center for Integrated Mountain Development” said, “Our organization publishes various information. Everything is open, and anyone can get information from here.”

Anuj Sharma of “Earth Analytics” said, “The region’s stability depends on the Himalayas. For this, we need transparent data. “

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