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3:33 am | June 19, 2021
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A Giant Devilfish Weighing 780 Kg Caught in the Net
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A Giant Devilfish Weighing 780 Kg Caught in the Net

A Giant Devilfish Weighing 780 Kg Caught in the Net!

A giant fish caught in the fishermen’s net at the estuary of Digha in India.

On 3 August 2020, morning, the fish came up in the fishermen’s net. The fish weighs about 780 kilograms.

The fish is about eight feet long and five feet wide. The fish caught near Udaipur beach at Digha. After the fish brought to the local market, there was a lot of enthusiasm among the locals. Local residents and tourists gather to touch the fish. Besides, there was a rush to take pictures and videos of giant fish. The giant fish has sold in the local market for around Indian Rs. 50,000.

Pinaki Ranjan Kar, director of the West Bengal Fishermen’s Association, said the fishermen were surprised to find the giant fish caught in the net. It weighs about 800 kilograms. Fishers have caught giant fish in Digha before. But it is the biggest.

Source: Green Page Bangla

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