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bangladesh will generate electricity from waste mayor of dhaka north city corporation
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Bangladesh will generate electricity from waste: Mayor, Dhaka North City corporation

Bangladesh will generate electricity from waste: Mayor, Dhaka North City corporation.

Atiqul Islam, Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) said,” Bangladesh will enter a new era in waste management by generating electricity from discarded waste.”

He continued and said, “A great revolution will take place in Bangladesh through the generation of electricity from waste. Waste that used to harm the environment, creating methane gas, will now become a resource.”

On June 12, 2023, a meeting between DNCC and China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) was held at the CMEC office in Beijing.

During this time DNCC mayor and officers were given an idea about the ongoing CMEC projects in different countries. In the meantime, the Chinese company has successfully implemented projects in various countries, including Belarus, Argentina, United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Turkey, it was said in the meeting.

“The possible date for the project’s inauguration in Dhaka has been set on July 5, 2023,” Mayor Atiqul Islam informed.

 He said, ” It discussed the project’s progress between the two parties. CMEC has confirmed (finalized) the foundation stone laying date on July 5, 2023. The company will bear all the expenses of the inauguration ceremony.”

“We hope Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the first waste-to-power project in the history of Bangladesh. Today it is proven that waste is a great resource. Money can earn from waste,” said Atiqul Islam.

Phong Yansu, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CMEC, said, “Globally, the impact of population growth and urbanization has created many challenges in people’s lives. China and Bangladesh are both the most populous countries.

As a result, environmental pollution increases if proper waste management has not been done in these countries. We cannot leave such a system for the next generation. Beijing is now reaping the benefits of managing waste-to-power generation. This project will also have a positive impact on Dhaka.”

Mr. Jasim Uddin, Bangladeshi ambassador in Beijing, participated in the meeting. He said, “Beijing is a clean city because of the waste-to-energy program.

It has reduced pollution on the one hand, and on the other hand, has had a positive impact on people’s lifestyles. China is one of the partners in the development of Bangladesh.

It is good to know that CMCE is working in Bangladesh on waste management projects. I thank the DNCC Mayor for such an environment-friendly project in Dhaka.”

In December 2021, DNCC signed an agreement with CMEC for a waste-to-power project. According to the agreement, the Chinese company will set up, operate and maintain the plant at its own risk.

City Corporation will provide necessary land and regular waste. And the electricity department will purchase the generated electricity. DNCC has already completed the land acquisition for setting up a waste-to-power plant at the Aminbazar area adjacent to Gabtali in Dhaka City.

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