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A Mysterious Creature Found on the Beach in Britain
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A Mysterious Creature Found on the Beach in Britain

A Mysterious Creature Found on the Beach in Britain

The corpse of a strange sighted animal floated on the beach of Ainsdale in Britain.

The locals have never seen such an animal, which is about 15 feet long. As soon as the picture circulated on social media, there was an uproar.

On July 29, the strange creature floated to the beach of Ainsdale. According to the locals, the body of the animal has four wings which covered with fur. The face is a bit like a cow.

Some people say that there is something attached to the body of the animal. It seems that the hairy creature died while giving birth to the child.

The picture of the animal shared on social media by the people of Ainsdale, and it has also gone viral.

Some have commented on social media that it would be the carcass of a hairy mammal. Someone said there could be new species of sharks. Some people have written about cows, horses or something else.

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