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we must recover the occupied rivers course to save the environment
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We must recover the occupied River’s course to save the environment

We must recover the occupied River’s course to save the environment


During the inauguration of the dredger base Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA), Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury, State Minister for Shipping, said, “We will restore the river space by identifying the illegal occupation and remove the pollution of the River.

‘We are working to restore the River’s navigability against illegal occupation and pollution. We want to hold riverine Bangladesh. Dredger bases setting up to keep the River flowing properly.

Barisal, the famous Venice of the East, is no longer there. The river canals here need to restore. At one time, Barisal was called Venice.

However, now I am ashamed to say Venice. This dredger unit will work to restore the navigability of rivers and canals due to occupation and pollution.”

Noting that a state-of-the-art river port would be set up in Barisal, the State Minister added, “Other ports in the south will modernize. We will gradually reduce naval risk to zero quotas with a trained workforce and safe vessels.

The 170 million people of the country are now talking about the River’s occupation and pollution, which is the success of the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

We have been able to make people aware of illegal occupation and pollution. I will identify the River’s occupation and pollution and return to the River’s place, the River.”

The state minister further said, “Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman brought seven dredgers for digging waterways after independence.”

After that, the government dredger did not come for a long time. The Awami League government has procured 40 dredgers for excavating the waterway, and another 35 dredgers are getting procured. Two rescue ships have collected.

There has been no development in the country for 21 years after the assassination of Bangabandhu. The development that has taken place in the last 13 years under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is much more than in the previous 40 years.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the worthy successor of Bangabandhu, is working for the development of the people of the country. Bangladesh today is a role model of development.”

“There may be an accident,” he said. The Titanic also sank. The case is still under investigation. However, we want a trained workforce and safe design. We are trying to bring the accident rate to zero. “

Notably, the government is setting up five’ dredger bases’ in the country to assist in the repair, maintenance, and operation of BIWTA dredgers in a short period.

Construction of Barisal Dredger Base started in November 2018. The construction of this base has cost about BDT.240 million.

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