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A Pile of garbage has formed beside the Rajbari highway, Bangladesh
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A Pile of garbage has formed beside the Rajbari highway, Bangladesh

A Pile of garbage has formed beside the Rajbari highway, Bangladesh

A Pile of garbage has formed beside the Rajbari highway of Bangladesh

The waste of Rajbari Municipality is dumped beside the regional highway of Rajbari-kushtia. The pile of debris becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies and spreading various germs and diseases.

Moreover, people passing beside the garbage heap are suffering from the stench of the waste. According to the Rajbari Municipality Office, the municipality currently has 70 cleaners and 15 supervisors, including two trucks and a couple of vans for cleaning garbage.

Several government organizations, including hundreds of shops, houses are located in the Sreepur bus terminal area of ​​the Rajbari-Kushtia regional highway.

Every day numerous vehicles and pedestrians pass by this road. Despite knowing all these facts, the cleaning employees of Rajbari Municipality piling up waste by constantly dumping near the settlements and busy roads.

Not only on roads but there are also piles of garbage in the streets of various municipal areas, including Beradanga Road No. 1, Rajbari.

Md. Abdul Hamid, a passerby of Sreepur Bus terminal, said, “The Municipality workers are constantly dumping wastes on the road. Even after wearing a mask, we have to hold our breath to walk there.”

Md. Khairul Islam, a resident of the Sreepur area, said, ‘Not only we are suffering from garbage stench, but these pile of garbage also acting as a breeding ground for mosquitos and flies.’

The children of the nearby houses are getting sick. People cannot sleep at night due to the stench. People also struggling to eat sitting at their home. Abdur Rahman Mandal, a trader in the Sreepur bus terminal area, said, “Businesses in Sreepur are about to get closed due to the garbage. Customers come to buy different products but leave by holding the nose.

Md. Alamgir Sheikh Titu, Mayor of Rajbari municipality, said, ‘To exterminate the mosquito from various areas, the municipal workers spraying mosquito repellent every day.

Currently, there is no garbage dumping station in the municipality. That is why waste is ending up near the roadsides and causing temporary inconvenience to the locals and passersby.

However, for municipal waste disposal, a construction project is going on, which will cost approximately Tk.11crore (Tk.1.10billion). We are hoping to build a dirt-free, clean municipality within the following year.’

Dr. Md. Ibrahim Titon, Rajbari Civil Surgeon, said, ‘We got 600 dengue detection kits for Rajbari district. We distributed 400 kits in four Upazilas of Rajbari and 200 in Rajbari Sadar Hospital.’

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