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Greenhouse gas emissions are touch at its peak point
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Green House Gases emissions hit its peak

Green House Gases emissions hit its peak


The amount of greenhouse gas emissions will peak in the next four years, the main culprit of global warming. Consequently, by the middle of the next decade, all coal and natural gas-fired power plants will have to be shut down worldwide.

The world’s climate will change dramatically. As a result, people’s lifestyles will change drastically. Behavioral changes will also appear.

According to the British daily The Guardian, An upcoming report regarding climate change and its effects by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued this warning.

According to the British daily IPCC report previously published on 9 August 2021, the warning will find in the third phase. The third phase of the IPCC report is expected to issue in March 2022.

The IPCC report is divided into three parts. These are the science of climate change, its effects and how to reduce the impact of human beings on climate change.

Citing excerpts from the draft of the forthcoming IPCC report, the British daily reported that all countries were arbitrarily using carbon-rich fuels to boost their economies.

As a result, the environment is becoming more and more poisonous. The pace of warming is increasing. The rich in all countries are becoming much more responsible than the poor in those countries for accelerating global warming.

As the use of giant Sport utility vehicles  (SUV) increases, so does the potential for fuel to pollute the environment. At the same time, the habit of eating the meat of any animal is also deteriorating the ecosystem, increasing the risk of various pandemics and epidemics.

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