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any attempt against nature must be resisted.
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Any attempt against Nature must be resisted.

Any attempt against Nature must be resisted.

The environment of Bangladesh is now the most polluted. Bangladesh is often at the top of air pollution. Dhaka ranks first in the list of world capitals regarding air and noise pollution. In this situation, environmental and human rights activists have called upon everyone to come forward collectively to protect the environment.

This call was made at the ‘Environmental Rally’ titled “Wake up Bangladesh to protect Life-Nature-Environment” at the central Shaheed Minar, capital, on July 17, 2023. Fifteen organizations that work on environment and human rights organized the rally.

 In the chair’s speech at the gathering, human rights activist Sultana Kamal, adviser to the former caretaker government, said, “People cannot live against Nature. Therefore, as a conscious and conscientious citizen, any attempt against life and Nature should be resisted.

Sultana Kamal commented that there is no accountable government in the country now, “We have not leased the country to politicians.” We possess complete ownership of the nation. No matter how hostile they are with us, we must protect our country.’

Sayeda Rizwana Hasan, Chief Executive Officer of BELA, questioned the development imposed by the government. He said, “We cannot create Nature, and we should not harm it and cannot destroy it. Keeping Nature in the middle and intact, we have to think and plan for development.”

Shamsul Huda, Executive Director ALRD, stated, “It is not only the responsibility of the Ministry of Environment but also the responsibility of all ministries, politicians, and public representatives to be held accountable for protecting the environment.”

Professor Kamruzzaman Majumder of Stamford University said, “This year’s heatwave has warned about environmental pollution and climate change. However, if effective measures cannot be taken to protect Nature and the environment, we will face dire disasters in the future.”

 Environmentalist Pavel Parth presented the keynote speech titled ‘Stop destroying the environment in the name of development, give special allocation in the national budget to protect the environment.’ He also conducted the rally.

Pavel Parth said, “Repeatedly, the first development hit falls on trees, rivers, forests, farmlands, mountains, or wetlands. Every year, a staggering amount of 1,095,000 metric tons of environmentally harmful plastic waste is generated. Rivers in riverine countries are in great danger of encroachment and pollution. Therefore, strong steps should take now to protect the environment.”

In between the discussions, the environmental activists and organizations from different parts of the country expressed their solidarity, singing, reciting, and performing plays about the environment.

Associate Professor Soma Dey of Dhaka University, Shireen Haque of Women’s Party, Sanjeev Drang, General Secretary of Adivasi Forum, Krishnapada Munda of Sundarban environmental activist, Yusuf Ali of Manikganj and Amirul Rajeev of Dhanmondi Satmasjid Road Tree Protection Movement also participated in the discussion.

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