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bangladesh demanded quick distribution of promised money in cop26 to tackle climate change
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Bangladesh demanded quick distribution of promised money in COP26 to tackle climate change

Bangladesh demanded quick distribution of promised money in COP26 to tackle climate change


Hassan Mahmoud, Minister of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (Bangladesh), commented that ‘Now is the time for developed countries to be more active in fulfilling their commitments to tackle the effects of climate change.’

He made the remarks with Scottish parliamentarians Faisal Chowdhury and Sarah Boyack at the Scottish Parliament after concluding the COP26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

During the meeting, Hasan Mahmud expressed his hope to enhance friendly relations between the members of the Scottish Parliament and the members of the Parliament of Bangladesh. Ashek-un-Nabi Chowdhury, Press Minister of Bangladesh High Commission in London, was with the minister.

The Information Minister further said that ‘Although some funds got allocated from the Climate Fund for tackling the disaster of climate change, no funds got allocated for long-term adaptation to adapt to the changes. As a result, countries at risk of climate change, including Bangladesh, have to struggle.’’

Meanwhile, the Information Minister further informed the Scottish MPs that under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for adaptation, Bangladeshi scientists and researchers invented drought, flood, waterlogging, and salinity tolerant varieties of crops and continued their research on it.

After the meeting, the Information Minister also informs that they have discussed forming a friendship group between the Scottish Parliament and Bangladesh parliament and how to work together in various fields.

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