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urge nations to sign on the draft agreement of cop26 to tackle climate change effects
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Urge Nations to sign on the draft Agreement of COP26 to tackle Climate Change Effects

Urge Nations to sign on the draft Agreement of COP26 to tackle Climate Change Effects

To tackle the climate emergency in COP26, there formulate a draft agreement. In that agreement, urge the world leaders to take appropriate actions to tackle climate change effects.

The COP26 flagged off on November 12, 2021. The draft agreement has published on the last day of the Conference. And ask the nations to reduce more Greenhouse Gas emissions in the future than it was past.

However, in the draft agreement, the call on reducing the use of fossil fuels, including coal, became more softly. Besides, ask the developed countries to help the developing countries to tackle climate risk mitigations.

The nations that signed on the final agreement will reach unity for reducing Greenhouse gas. It will take time to get a unanimous decision. This conference considers it very important to tackle climate effects due to raising of global warming.

António Guterres, the Secretary-General of UN, said at the climate conference, “The goal for limit the Global temperature rising at 1.5 degree Celsius already gone to live to support. “

On November 10, 2021, the draft agreement was published, and discussion was going on it conclude.

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