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Bangladesh didn't face food shortage in the global crisis- Sheik Hasina
Amila Khan Bangladesh

Bangladesh didn’t face food shortage in the global crisis- Sheik Hasina

Bangladesh didn’t face food shortage in the global crisis- Sheik Hasina

By Amila khan

Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that the government is working to achieve nutritional security and food. She said the Awami League raised the country from a food crisis to a food surplus country.

She said this at an international seminar on World Food Day on Friday (October 16) morning. Sheikh Hasina also said that the initiative would continue so that no one suffers from a food shortage in Corona.

In a concerted effort in the pandemic COVID 19, paddy has grown in farmers’ homes. Rice production has been in line with the demand even during floods and disasters. Bangladesh did not face food shortage in the global crisis.

With the government’s encouragement and the strong morale of the people, at least most of the people are still getting three meals a day in this country of about 17 crore people.

Today, on the occasion of World Food Day, an international seminar came up. The Prime Minister participated in this global event jointly organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Food, and UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) at Ganobhaban ( Bangladesh Prime Minister Governmental House). FAO’s DG Ku Dongyu made welcoming remarks online.

The Prime Minister said although the Awami League has taken over the country’s governance due to the food crisis, now efforts are being made to achieve food security and food security.

The Prime Minister further said that it could deal with any situation. We are dealing with all the storms and floods along with the COVID 19. This is how we have to live. Don’t leave even an inch of land; plant trees, plant fruits, plant vegetables, and increase your production by planting whatever you can.

Noting that the crisis has not intensified due to incentives in all sectors, including agriculture in COVID 19, Sheikh Hasina said the program of providing free food to the poor would continue.

The Prime Minister also mentioned in the international seminar that the country’s people are capable of dealing with any situation.

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