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bangladesh is getting us$30 million in climate adaptation funds
Aivee Akther Bangladesh Environmental Economics

Bangladesh is getting US$30 million in climate adaptation funds

Bangladesh is getting US$30 million in climate adaptation funds


Md. Shahab Uddin, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Bangladesh, said, “In order to stop noise pollution in Dhaka city, it has been decided to stop hydraulic horns in vehicles within the next two months.”

On the other hand, Farhina Ahmed, Secretary of the MoEFCC, said, “In the 27th World Climate Conference, about US$30 million has been assured from developed countries to finance the adaptation fund to deal with the damage caused by climate change.”

She informed this at a press conference on ‘The expectations and achievements of Bangladesh in the 27th World Climate Conference (COP-27)’ at the Secretariat of the MoEFCC, Bangladesh.

The Environment Minister said, “We are holding meetings in every department. We held meetings with those concerned with noise pollution in Dhaka, such as the driver’s association.

We are also discussing with students. We are also doing mobile courts. We have decided that hydraulic horns should stop first in the next two months, at least in Dhaka city. Banned Hydraulic horn should not allow in our country.”

In response to the question of whether they were satisfied with the measures taken to prevent environmental pollution, the Environment Minister said,

“If we could not implement some of the plans, the way the hill cutting started in Bangladesh, there would not be a single hill in Bangladesh now.

Due to the start of activities from the Ministry of Environment, people have understood to some extent that cutting the hills is not right; it is harmful to the country. Maybe because of that, the hill is being protected.”

In response to a question from reporters about the polythene ban, the minister said,” Polythene is banned. We are taking action against those who are producing and using.

We have planned to make golden bags from jute to come out of this. We have allocated BDT100 million. When we can market it, we hope to stop polythene bags completely.

The secretary of the MoEFCC said, “As a nation, we have highlighted the place where we are dealing with climate change risks in a very dignified and organized manner.

Due to our lobbying, it has been possible to keep the temperature increase target within 1.5 degrees Celsius. Here is the contribution of Bangladesh. The adaptation target is not yet fixed and is under negotiation.

Bangladesh is among the first 40 countries to adopt a National Adaptation Plan. We have also taken that. Bangladesh has also lobbied for a global adaptation plan. That, too, has been accepted. There will be four technical-level dialogues in the next two years.

There will be a dialogue at the ministerial level, through which it will take its final shape. Bangladesh will also contribute to the framework that will create. We have been able to reflect our philosophy and vision there. Specifically, US$ 230 million has been pledged to the Climate Adaptation Fund.

From there, Bangladesh will get exactly US$9.9 million. Besides, we have been able to hold bilateral and multilateral meetings very successfully at this conference. We had a negotiation meeting.

We think that sets the stage for financing our adaptation fund. Besides, we have brought a commitment of US$20 million from there. Hopefully, we can achieve much more here with those who have started discussions.”

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