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migratory birds of hakaluki haor (bangladesh) under threat
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Migratory birds of Hakaluki Haor (Bangladesh) under threat

Migratory birds of Hakaluki Haor (Bangladesh) under threat


When winter comes, migratory birds from distant countries rush to the Hakaluki Haor of Juri Upazila in Moulvibazar District for shelter. Tourists and nature lovers also flocked to see the beauty of Hakaluki Haor.

However, miscreants get busy killing migratory birds by taking this opportunity. Local people claim that hundreds of birds were killed in Haor at the beginning of the season this year by trapping and poisoning. In this situation, they fear migratory bird habitats will threaten if no action is taken quickly.

Hakaluki Haor is spread over various areas of Juri, Kulaura and Barlekha of Moulvibazar and Fenchuganj and Golapganj Upazilas of Sylhet. Its area is about 28 thousand hectares.

Haor dries up during the dry season. Now, birds migrating from different countries take shelter in this Haor. The birds gather in groups during the day to search for food in the different Beels of the Haor.

On this occasion, miscreants kill birds to trap them with nets. Apart from this, by mixing a kind of poison with boiled rice, the hunters sprinkle it on the banks of various beels to make

‘poison bait.’ Birds consume these baits as food and die. These hunted birds are hidden and sold at a high price in different bazaars and houses around.

Local 10 to 15 farmers reported that hunters killed hundreds of birds with ‘poison bait’ on the bank of Uzan Tural Beel of Juri Upazila. Often in the early morning hours, some people wearing masks keep traps on the banks of different banks of Haor.

Some people sprinkle poison bait and get it. After hunting, the birds were stuffed into sacks and trapped. Local farmers claim that threats and intimidation have shown if they try to prevent hunting.

The houses of the people involved in this work are in Belagaon, Nayagram, and Bashirpur of Juri and Bholarkandi and Azimganj areas of neighboring Baralekha Upazila.

Earlier on November 26, in the same upazila, some birds have killed to get traps in Gaurkuri Beel of Haor. At that time, with the help of local residents, two bird hunters were arrested along with 15 birds and handed over to the local officials of the forest department. The poachers were later released on written bond.

When asked, Ratan Kumar Adhikari, Upazila Acting Executive Officer (UNO), said, ”Bird hunters will not be exempt in any way. Necessary action will take after an inquiry about any person involved in bird killing.

Inam Al Haque, Bangladesh Bird Club founder and bird expert, said, “The number of birds in Hakaluki Hoar is decreasing daily due to the inaction of hunters. This bird habitat should be kept safe. Apart from the administration, the local people should also come forward to prevent the illegal activities of the hunters.”

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