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Another extinct Batagur Baska Turtle of Sundarban laid 21 eggs

Another extinct Batagur Baska Turtle of Sundarban laid 21 eggs

The critically endangered Batagur Baska Turtle has laid 21 eggs on the wet ground at Karamjal Wildlife Breeding Center under the Chandpai Range of East Sundarban of Bagerhat, Bangladesh.

The Batagur Baska Turtle eggs are kept in the sand for the incubation process to get the offspring. The offspring are expected to come out within 65 to 67 days from the eggs kept for incubation.

On March 10, 2020, another Batagur Baska Turtle had laid a record number of eggs at the same breeding center. At that time 36 eggs were collected from there.

The eggs are kept in the same process, in other words, in the incubation. The Sundarbans Department has informed that soon two more extinct species of Batagur Baska will lay eggs at Karamjal Wildlife Breeding Center.

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