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33 rivers of Panchagarh, Bangladesh are becoming dead due to occupancy and pollution
Environmental Problems Sadia Noor Portia

33 rivers of Panchagarh, Bangladesh are becoming dead due to occupancy and pollution

33 rivers of Panchagarh, Bangladesh are becoming dead due to occupancy and pollution

By Sadia Noor Portia (7th semester – English Department,
Independent University, Bangladesh)

Bangladesh is a riverine country. Panchagarh is called the district of rivers. According to official data, 33 small and big rivers are now flowing over the Panchagarh district. According to the researchers’ research, once the number was 46.

At one time, thousands of people used to make their livelihood through the river. Different types of vessels used to be floated on the river. But today many rivers of the country are almost dead. Such a scenario has been seen in Panchagarh.

At present, most of the rivers in the Panchagarh are almost dead due to occupancy, pollution and garbage disposal. The river has lost its navigability for various man-made reasons. Dirt-garbage of various business establishments, shops, and city markets is being dumped on the river.

Crop fields are now visible across the river. Many fish and biodiversity have died due to the use of various pesticides in the crop. The nature and environment of the Panchagarh are endangered today. During the monsoon season in Bangladesh, floods occur and during the dry season, erosion happens. Every year the agriculture sector is severely damaged due to the lack of water.

According to the list of the river protection commission, the occupiers have occupied about 40 acres of lands of Karatoya, Dahuk, Talma, Gobra rivers. But local environmentalists are not accepting this commission’s list. Their claim almost all rivers are occupied by occupiers.

Most of those who are occupying the rivers are local influential political leaders. Rivers are often occupied by involvement with the administration in various ways and with the help of some govt. employees of the district LA offices link with a vicious cycle, the occupier gets legality. The government has already taken various steps to free the river from the occupiers.

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