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bicycle is an environmentally friendly vehicle
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Bicycle is an environmentally friendly vehicle

Bicycle is an environmentally friendly vehicle

Exercise is essential for maintaining good health. The best exercises are cycling and swimming. Cycling or riding a bicycle involves a lot of physical exertion and helps a lot in weight loss. Besides, it also reduces the risk of various diseases, including cancer, diabetes and pressure.

Most cyclists are in very good health. Cycling not only keeps you fit externally but also internally. Just as cycling is good for health, it is also good for the environment. Bicycles are called eco-friendly vehicles. There is no alternative to cycling for good health.

Although the bicycle was invented in the 19th century, about 1 billion people around the world now use bicycles. It is still the main mode of transportation in many remote areas of the world.

People who ride bicycles are called cyclists, bikers, or sometimes bicyclists. Not only two-wheeled bicycle, many people also use one-wheeled bicycle, three-wheeled bicycle, four-wheeled bicycle as a hobby.

Recently, the police box in the lane was broken to keep the cycle lane open in Dhaka’s Manik Mia Avenue. During the second day’s operation, mobile shops recaptured after the first day’s operation were also evacuated. The authorities plan to clear the cycle lane in Agargaon and intend to have cycle lanes on both sides of every road in Dhaka.

This is encouraging news for cyclists. The first separate cycle lane was inaugurated in Agargaon in October 2019. Cyclists say that people’s ignorance is the main reason behind such illegal encroachment. Many people do not know that there is a cycle lane here.

Bicycles are popular all over the world as an environment-friendly vehicle. Healthy and affordable at the same time. Bicycles are not even able to escape from the suffering of traffic jams. The Netherlands has the highest number of bicycles used. However, Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is considered a bicycle-friendly city.

Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany have the most bicycles. In these countries, there are separate lanes on the side of the road for cycling.

Recently in Japan, China, France, England, Germany, Netherlands various countries are encouraging cycling for short distance travel. Some cities also offer special opportunities for office-goers or going to school-college.

Bicycles do not do a single bit of the harm that other vehicles do to the environment. Bicycles not only protect us from pollution, but also from honking horns. So let’s cycle and save the environment.

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